My dress up doll Magic Mary

How nice it is when you are cleaning up and old stuff from the old days comes out again. I'm sure you know it. Actually, you're supposed to clean up, but then you find something and the cleaning stops and you go back in time with what you found.

So I'm gonna sit down with my dress doll Magic Mary. What super fun! I've played with this doll a lot. I open the box and memories come up. I was playing with this for hours.
I'll put the cardboard Magic Mary in the stand and get her dressed like I used to. A magnet is incorporated in the doll and on the back of the clothes are also magnets. So you can easily put the doll on other clothes.

There are summer kits and winter ones. Every season is present in Magic Mary's wardrobe.
It actually works very simple, but I had a lot of fun with it. Honestly, I think it's best to go back in time with her and change her again. Everything is still complete after more than 40 years and 3 removals she survived. She's always traveling with me. We first lived in Gelderland and now 20 years in Groningen.

My Magic Mary, my cute dress doll.

I'll put her back in the box and I'll be sparing on it.

Bye Magic Mary until next time.

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