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16 March 2021,

To tell my story I need colors apparently.
Color returned to me by my child, through better medication and through therapy that suits me.

Who am I?? I am Susan Guchelaar, (old French muzzled word for street entertained or clown, story stops somewhere in France, time around the Huguenots. Arrived in the Netherlands via camps and there begins the story for our Family in the Netherlands.)
Yes, my name should everyone know, I'm going to tell my story and how else am I supposed to imagine?
Okay then, a little more information, now 39 years old, mother of a beautiful child.
My little angel.
I am my own entrepreneur, co-owner of a restaurant, in the beautiful town of Coevorden.
My family/family, ended up here on 2005 during our search for another catering business.

We had with the family, (my father, my sister and I. My brothers and mother worked occasionally or and helped with a lot of trouble or trouble) a snack bar and a cafe in a small village 20 minutes away from Coevorden, long weekends, boring weeks, but good 10 years there had a lot of fun, and learned a lot, and then moved to Coevorden with my little brother and parents.
A nice location, just a little dated. A month of hard work, painted and worked and then we could get to work!!
We have had this company since 2005 and to date still in our possession.
I'm telling us now what my sister has stopped working in the company 11 years ago and has retrained. Found a completely different direction outside the hospitality industry but has it been fun for each other.

I don't hear about a partner yet.. that's right. I am currently consciously single. Have had a lot to last the last few years and have to go back to start.
We have one dog left, that's Lola, a handsome, sweet playful and brave lady of 10 years old.
Have unfortunately 3 weeks ago my friend jack had to put to sleep, 8 years old he has become. A treasure of an animal for me and my daughter of 12 years old, but ww how jealous he was.. Unfortunately, arthrosis and a shoulder injury the pain has put him on the tie. The last 2 years increasingly have to make adjustments for him. It got too much for him, got cranky so miss.
Since several months now also fish and 2 turtles at home. Oh, what are those animals nice I'm in love.
So no need for a guy for that, this lady is fine.

prima?? Yeah, fine, it can always be better.. A little more financially helps a lot of people out of the fire anyway.. yes anyway?
The corona now leaves deep traces, mainly in the financial world, everything upside down, all starting entrepreneurs all broke. And through which? Due to a poorly calculated amount, but that doesn't matter, the money tap will open itself. Just stay positive and a little patience and leadership.
Money never really interested me. Yes, I know by now the math what you need to earn in order to be able to make a living..
Have I had financial setbacks, yes, it has always worked out? Uh, yeah.. All I have is mine. I have no debts anywhere. Ow wait before you guys check me out, I got a phone subscription with a phone that might only be worth 100 euros.
I'm going through it financially? No, not just yet. Savings on? Yes, but somehow I really needed last year.
I call it Corona vacation.
The first time I got into contact with corona was in mexico, on vacation in 2005/2006.
Delicious Mexican beer with a little bit of madness. A lime. Wow, that was new. And tasty!! The world of alcohol has been a friend for a while.
What a nice time that was, did a lot of naughty things.
Do I regret that? Yes, some things are, though... if there had been another action, what would have happened. What would I have learned from it?? Where would I have been now?
Can you see into the future? I don't.. Although a small prophecy I dare to pronounce.
But in my field. These are children, animals/people, nature/food and music and image.

Out of my mouth the word patience, that does not suit me because I have add. So Mr. patience is far to seek and Mr. time that flies fast through the 24 hours of a day.
Have a lot of energy and perseverance but what add means is chaos in your head.
Sometimes visible to others but sometimes not.
You don't have to go through life like a bouncing ball, but in general the family is adhd and add fairly active, internal
(head and body) and external (radiance and energy).
This' new 'disease is partly caused by the economy, society, chemicals, rules and time.
What strikes me is that we operate at a different rate. Logical we are faster. Something with chemical fuel??
Somehow, if everything is balanced then we can function as 2 people.
Yeah, we're really faster.

I think we can talk about IQ and EQ right now..
IQ of course your cleverness and your speed, and EQ your skills, your dexterity. Can work with 2 hands, or handle 2 tasks at the same time without distraction.
Distraction is a red flag in the family ADHD etc. and then the chemical troop has created a new group of people and they have IQ and EQ in full balance.
That's i o n the i and the q all 2 to. On.. to. Yes add, adhd, those stand on people.. They're in balance, if the chemical world doesn't interfere.

Putting the power out of yourself. Finding your own strength. Your own voice. Your own wisdom, your own life!! But then balanced by...
Yes, sorry people who are anti-green..
But we new generation really need to see through nature and through the animals, by listening to them..
find your own self.
Your inner qi/Qi/ki balance and jing/jang, black/white.

Do you know the proverb, run in 7 locks at once. Well, uh, that's me.

I'm just walking across the three lines of society. Cottage, tree and bug (3).
And then.. how are we going to fill in the rest.
I love to use the colors of the rainbow.

The first baselines are black, gray and white.
Then we go to Red of Love and Pain.
Yellow of energy, sun and heat.
Green of poison and food.
Blue of liquid an important component in our body VAT. but you probably already knew that;)
and last but not at least Purple.
Purple is the diversity of colors, that's us as humans.
Purple sheep;)

The purple world, with a rainbow of colors. The rainbow the beautiful creature of nature.
A bow with everything you need.
A reflection of light a reflection and reflection.
A gate, an entrance, an entrance I really have no idea.
Am I curious? Yes !!
How many different stories have you heard, how many images have you seen??
I was born in 1981, when I think back to that time what stories the big people, the adults had to satisfy us curious children.
To put those spinning radars in our heads and focus on the next phenomenon that was mighty interesting, I got this one..

I think the baby bears is the first picture I have.
7 bears each with a function, which could switch between worlds.
Troubleshoot and update everyone. A fun phenomenon from the time of the hippie's the 70s.
Those 60s and 70s have produced a lot of clever. Look what happens 30, 40 years later.
The year 2000, the year of great strides. Pff if I think back now for the last 40 years then really a lot has happened.
Do you think it's crazy that some people develop a burn out or other mental symptoms.
And to mention the chemical world that has come at us.

If you go back to the rainbow, the colors.. which colors are most noticeable to you??
The basic colors? Green, red and blue 3?
Or are you colorblind, black and white with gray?
Or do you see more colors 5?
The rainbow has 7.
If you see all the colors, you need a palette of 7 colors in your life.
Not the disk of 5 of a.o. power supply, no to function better a disk of 7!

Add has 7, bigger passes while walking, more speed, more guts, more interested and curious more courage..
Yes more, so more needed. To keep everything in balance.
Structure and balance oeww which is also so important.
But because of the diversity, we also get a little mixed up.
We do not walk at the same pace, we do not work at the same pace, we do not think and function at the same pace.
And that doesn't matter, too, can be managed in the right direction..
Just look at the rainbow, very clearly visible at a different frequency, always the same color sequence, the same appearance and the same purpose. Power, Black.

Surely we have that goal with all of us??
A fun, loving, happy life, a life of challenges, a life full of surprises, full of bumps, holes, hills and stray stones to turn around, solve puzzles.
A bit of success and respect and sadly sadness also belongs to this. That's 8..
Now take a good look at that rainbow.. when he's at his most beautiful. What is it that yields sharpness and depth? that's the color black.

Black is not always visible, but always present. Black can also be 2 things, and that's basically with everything.
Some words can also be used in many different ways.
Just the letters, let them wander, how many words can you make from one word The word bomb threat I love!!.
I'm curious how long the laundry list will be;) of this word.

A year to relax, corona vacation, from years of hard work, few days off or holidays.
Always ready for others, well you marry the catering industry or not.
In sickness and in healt;)
Quite a hard job, physically and mentally. That has done some damage here and there but I am now almost 40 and Must work for a very long time.
Although I can marry a rich guy, but that's not who I am..

I want to do it myself.

My goal, our goal, the purpose of my daughter and mine, is a million dollars in our bank account.
That's a sum that's been determined somewhere along the way by people to get into America.
America, the country of 7 colors, a society that lives better together than the Netherlands does.
The Netherlands runs either in 3 seconds or in 5 seconds.
That won't change as long as the rainbow isn't complete.
But I am a sober Drent who has gathered a very nice group of people around him, and goes through life quite partying and I think that has to do with my DNA. My heritage from the Guchelaar family.

The end, the end, fin.
Until next time <3
Ask questions is always possible, I am visible on the big web.
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