My southern spring salad

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You know that, you put pasta on the menu for a day, and afterwards it turns out you made way too much again. Or with the summer approaching you feel the need for barbecue coming up, but you want to serve something different than the regular cold potato dish with it. Then I have a nice recipe here that I have been using for several years to avoid pasta leftovers and brighten up barbecues.


250gr pasta
1 bunch of spring onion
1 box of cherry tomatoes
1 pack of mini mozzarella
3 eggs
0.5 or 1 (sweet) paprika (depending on size)
1 ripe avocado


The preparation is actually very simple. Cook the pasta until cooked as directed on the package. Preferably use penne or spirelli, but also with macaroni this recipe can succeed. In the meantime, also cook the eggs until they are hard-boiled. I usually do about 12 minutes myself. Drain the pasta after the desired cooking time and allow to cool. The same with the eggs.

A trick to cool eggs faster is to put them in cold water, so the heat goes out faster. You can also get the pasta cold faster by rinsing them with cold water.

When the eggs and pasta are cooled enough, you just need to cut the other ingredients. Cut the cherry tomatoes through 2 or through 4, the same with the mozzarella balls and the eggs. Cut the peppers and avocado into cubes. Finally, cut the bunch of spring onion nicely into small rings. This is allowed to go beyond the green color, because that too is edible. Mix all the ingredients together in a large jar and season with pepper and a pinch of salt.

Personally I usually add yogorette dressing, which really completes the whole thing in my opinion. But whether or not you already include it is of your choice.

Extras and variants

If you want to make this salad a real meal salad, add some raw ham into pieces and mix it through the salad. The salty touch combines well with the soft taste of mozzarella and tomato. If you want to go all the way south, add some oregano and basil.

Would you rather stay vegetarian? Then add pine nuts and/or cashews. These will ensure that the salad will also become slightly fuller. And because there are already mozzarella and eggs in it, you also get a good amount of proteins and fats to keep your energy level up and get through the day.

You can also replace the paste with Ebly as variation (another thing that I always dose:p)

On this dish, numerous variations are possible, so do not let yourself be stopped and experiment on it.

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