My trip to Costa Rica


In the first images it is from a trip that I took years ago in the Barra Honda National Park, a place that if you ask me opinion is very beautiful to see it brings me beautiful memories it is with my family feeling every rock, water, vegetation on my feet, its currents were astonishing sometimes you could sit on the banks of each stone to feel the flow pass by your legs.

I planned this trip with my family about 5 years ago where we took the time to travel. Costa Rica is a beautiful place full of exotic places, people treat travelers very cordially that is to say in a cozy way.

In the second I present to you The Sky Lake of Kiwanda is an incredible tourist place of course they charge for them, but I recommend them on their trips their water turns out to be crystal clear. Its entire climate is very mild, you can feel the fresh air with a natural smell, as well as providing the best food service.

Palm trees are seen with their beautiful expanses if you go, you will also drink Coconut juice with a typical meal there such as Ceviche, Gallo Pinto, Costa Rican Tamale, Meat Roosters, Potato Picadillo and as a dessert they have their rich as sweet tres leches.

I want to add, last of all the publication, that I am very happy about our creator for making me remember all those good moments with my family. I am glad for him to have visited those parts, he has had the best experience in different parts of the world.

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