Netflix - New in the month of October

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This is Netflix's list of new releases in the month of October.

Oct 1, Friday the 13th (movie)
Oct 1 Insidious (movie)
Oct 1 Paranormal Activity 3 (movie)
Oct 1 Scary Movie 1 -3 (movie)
Oct 4 Halloween (movie)
Oct 5 Bling Empire S3 (series)
Oct 5, Mr. Harrigan's Phone (movie)
Oct 5, Nailed It! S7 (series)
Oct 7 Derry Girls S3 (series)
Oct 7 Luckiest Girl Alive (movie)
Oct 7 The Redeem Team (documentary)
Oct 13 exception (anime)
16 Oct Somebody Feed Phil S6 (series)
Oct 17 The Wafeltje and Mochi restaurant (series)
Oct 18 Gabriel Iglesias - Stadium Fluffy (stand up)
Oct 18, Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 Ep. 1-3 (series)
Oct 19, Love Is Blind S3 Ep. 1-4 (series)
Oct 19 The School for Good and Evil (series)
Oct 20, Costa!! (Only in the Netherlands) (movie)
Oct 21, Descendant (documentary)
Oct 21 Oni: The Tale of the Thunder Goddess (series)
Oct 23 A Quiet Place Part 2 (Only in Belgium) (movie)
Oct 25, Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 Ep. 4-6 (series)
Oct 26, Love Is Blind S3 Ep. 5-7 (series)
Oct 27 Dubai Bling (series)
Oct 27 Romantic Killer (anime)
Oct 28 Big Mouth S6 (series)
Oct 28, I AM A STALKER (series)
Oct 28 My Encounter with Evil (documentary)
Oct 28 Wendell & Wild (movie)