New acrylic paint casting results (Do you see what I see?)

Somewhere in the house, canvases were waiting for a second coat of paint. Three of them I provided, by casting acrylic paint.

Here are the results:

d.d. 13-04-2019 Photos 1 and 3 replaced, now that the canvases have dried completely.

The attentive viewer looks (also Here ) bumps in. I don't find it disturbing with the canvases.

Which one speaks to you the most?

The first and second images are almost black and white photographs of the Earth, right?
The third I like the most, because of the color combination. And what about you?

What I see - after drying up - in the third:

First there was a picture showing the blue result a quarter turn turned. As it is now, I like it better myself.
At the bottom I see sea waves. Further the sides of two faces, the right of which is clear. They go up in the clouds at the top. It looks like they want to kiss each other. Between them a face looks.Do you see it?

Would you like to try acrylic paint casting?

- Here. - Here is described how I do it (without liquitex):

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