10 x inspiration for a blog

There you are looking at your screen, without inspiration.
Your previous blog was a while ago, but nothing comes loose.

Are you looking around enough?

10 x inspiration for a blog

  1. Take a look at what others are blogging about, which catches well. Obviously, do not copy!
    Not only here on Yoors but also in Facebook groups where you share your blog. There are also groups where one gives each other blog tips;

  2. How do your own blogs do it, what do you have a lot of response to and where little?
    That last group of blogs you could either refresh, pimp up. Or you leave them for what they are and do not blog about such themes anymore;

  3. Browse on Pinterest or through magazines;

  4. Pay attention to trending topics (or many clicked hashtags), for example on Twitter;

  5. Follow current news;

  6. Google to “blog inspiration” there are numerous articles about it;

  7. Take a walk in nature, then “fill yourself up”;

  8. Think back to (beautiful moments of) in the past;

  9. Sometimes someone else's blog reminds you of something;

  10. What do you want to teach others?
    Remember that something that is very logical and easy for you seems to be a stumbling block for another. If you show that something is very good to do and explain it step by step, you have “food” for a blog again.

Bonus tips!

Join writing challenges. On Yoors alone there are plenty to be found: #challenge

 A member also mentioned a very nice one in a comment: blog about recognizable topics.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Header photo:- Pixabay. - Yeah

Updated March 20th. 2020