An ordinary Sunday in the country house

An ordinary Sunday in the country house of the President of the United States of America.
In his bathrobe, Donald looks for his pet, but can't find him. “Melanie, have you seen the cat?” No response. “Mel!” “YES!” That's where she came running in her negligee. “I asked if you saw the cat!” “I forgot to tell you, it's been gone a few days!” “What! It must be searched for! Something could happen to the beast! MY cat!” “Also from me! I've already had pamphlets hung up, and our staff is also looking for them in the White House. You can also go search yourself? Where was she last time? To our old house. Go look there?” “Good idea. I get dressed and then we go.” “We?! I have something else to do. Your shirts still have to be ironed, the housekeeper is on holiday!” “Well well, then I go alone. Let the driver show up!” “I'm not your secretary! Take care of it yourself!” “Okay, okay...”

Within no time Donald had put on his jeans with a nice sweatshirt and got into the unremarkable car that drove away with squeaky tires, leaving a black trail on the driveway.
"What the hell is that? A roadblock!" The driver turned the inner screen down and said, “Now I see it, here's a flea market!” “Drive around it!” “I wanted to turn around but there is already too much traffic behind us.” “Then there's nothing else on it, I'm going to take a look.” The driver parked the vehicle and opened the door in front of his passenger. Because of the wet hair combed back, no one recognized Trump. “Stay with the car, I'll go alone.” “But sir!” “You hear what I say.”

After 15 minutes of wandering around, Donald thought it was enough. Until he passed a stall, where there were cages with all kinds of animals. Among the cats he heard a familiar meow... there was his Bobby!!! He was roaring at the maternity keeper that it's his cat! “That's what they all say..... oh! I see it! You're Mr. Trump! Of course you will get your cat back!” “You don't have to  yell  so loud! How did you get my pet?” “There is a cat catcher in this town. Because if they keep walking loose, we'll have countless cats in the city. And because your cat is obviously not chipped, we don't know where it came from!” “Well he is castrated, did you not see that?!” He was given the cat, took it in his arms and hugged with him for a while. Meanwhile, bystanders had already been taking pictures of both Trump and themselves, as proof that the president was walking around a normal market. On Instagram, someone had placed such a selfie with the accompanying text: “Look! He is also just a human being!”

As Donald walks back to the car, his cell phone rings. His wife calls how he is doing. “Yes, Mel, we'll be right there! Then I'll tell you everything about it!”

(Minimum) ingredients for the above story:

President Trump... is making a discovery... in a cage.

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