Save a copy of your post(s)!

One first creates a concept in Word or a similar program, the other makes his/her post directly on Yoors. For the content of your posts (on Yoors or elsewhere), I advise you to save a post (in the meantime and if completely ready) in your documents outside Yoors.

What is offline saving?

There is no need for the internet to view those files.

Why would you want to save copies of posts?

  • Sometimes saving goes wrong (even as a concept) and then you should 'start' again. It's a shame.
  • Or for some vague reason (rarely occurs but does happen) the contents of that post disappear.
    Then it will be useful if you have a backup
  • Whether your website or social media account is being hacked. Could just happen.

Yoors does that?

Probably, but not specifically for you. Moreover, it can happen anywhere online that something ceases to exist. This is (often, but not always) made known, but almost never to anyone personally. So if you find out too late, you will lose your posts. Unless you have kept them externally (offline).

How do you make a copy of your post (s) yourself?

Save in Word or a similar program beforehand.
Or after placement. By post you can do that as follows:

  1. Open a post you want to keep offline
  2. Right-click anywhere next to the text

  3. A menu appears. Choose “Select All”
  4. All content (text, images, links, etc.) of the post will be selected
  5. Open your word processor (Word or similar)
  6. Click the right mouse button
  7. Choose “Paste”
  8. Click on “File”
  9. Choose “Save As”

  10. Enter a filename
  11. Choose a file format
  12. Check which location you save it in your files so you can find it. (Explorer search also works, provided you remember the file name.)


Create a folder where you keep all those files - with easy to find names -.

And then?

Periodically make a copy of those files or the file folder that contains the files. You keep it in a different location. For example, on an external hard drive.

Watch it!

Images are (partly) shown in your text file. But more convenient is to store the images you upload in a folder (easy to find). The text file only reminds you which images you used there.(Added after the reaction of Schorelaar)

Other people's posts

It is possible, of course, but absolutely not neat to store content from others. Certainly not for your own use. At most for reference work offline.


Updated March 24th. 2020