Yoorspoints: How to earn them and their worth

This article explains how the fair reward system works on Yoors. What do you get reward for and how much.

Yoors rewards with YP

You get a reward on Yoors in the form of YoorsPoints (YoorsPoints, or YP), for page/supporter views obtained.
10.000 YP = €10.00 and from that amount you can withdraw. Further in this article more about that.


With which you can earn points on Yoors:

  • Others can reward your posts and comments. For more info about that, click here
  • Recruiting new members, with your personal link. Click on the menu on the right (three horizantal lines), choose settings, choose personal link. Click here for further info. TEMPORARY NOT

Regarding reward for page views:

Yoors rewards you for generating page views, so-called Pageviews.
The system is divided into the following milestones:

How it works:

If you get 10 page views for sharing an article, you get 10 YP for that article.
If one achieves 25 page views by sharing the same article, the previously achieved 10 page views are in there.
The previously awarded 10 YP (for the 10 Page views) are not counted. You get the full number of pageviews obtained with the YP balance. So 25 YP are credited, while earlier already 10 YP was credited.
If one achieves 50 page views by sharing the same article, 50 YP will be credited.
As you can see in the overview of staffels above, you get rewards up to and including 100,000 page views, which is worth €100.

As for reward for Supporterviews:

If you share a link to an article or profile of another Yoorsmember, get your supporter views.
Again, the milestones as shown in the “Statistics” overview in the menu apply.

Statistics button at the bottom of a post

Click on this button. Under the heading “supporters” are the profile photos of supporters and the number of views they obtained for that post.
Provided there are and one has obtained at least 10 views.

Reward for milestones achieved in supporter views

Both maker and divisor get YPs according to the milestones. Once achieved milestone will not be rewarded again.
  • Example 1::As a creator, your post has been viewed 20 times. Another yoorslid shares your post and obtained 25 views. Then you both receive 25 yp at that time and have already received 10 YP before.
  • Example 2::As a creator, your post has been viewed 2,334 times. Another yoorslid shares your post and obtained 100 views. Then you get the views as a creator, but no yp for it, because there is no new milestone (yet). The divisor receives 100 yp and previously received 10+25+50 YP for it.

  • Example 3::As a creator, your post has been viewed 2,334 times. Another yoorslid shares your post and obtained 2.500 views. Then you both get 2,500 YP for it. And have previously received 10+25+50+100+250+500+1,000 YP for it.

Where does it say how many pageviews/supporterviews you have?

In the statistics. Go to menu, click on statistics and then you will see a complete overview of which posts have achieved how many page views have been achieved under the milestones.
At the top is the button “Supporterviews” If you click on it, you will see below the milestones a complete overview of how many page views you have obtained from posts you shared from others.

At the bottom of such an overview you can scroll through arrows to the right or left.
Or put a number after the url if you want. For example, /320 to skip a number of pages.

What can you do with saved YPs?

Let it be paid out or add posts/comments to it.

Payout can be from 10,000 YPs. So from €10.00.
Above 10 euros, you can choose an amount of 5 euros higher each, provided your balance is sufficient.
So €10, €15, €20, €25 and so on.

- How?

  1. Click on “Cout” in the menu
  2. Fill in the requested information::the IBAN account number and the name of the account holder
  3. Requested payout will be transferred to the bank account number you entered. Exceptions confirm the rule .
  4. In your YP balance overview (bar menu) your request for payout will be listed as::“Yp has been converted to Euros" with the number of YP with a minus sign (so “-”) in front of it. The YP balance is then updated.

Have you already (relatively) quickly enough balance to pay out

You can submit a new request after a minimum of 7 days.

When will be paid?

Payments will be made on the account number you entered. When announces founder @Henkjan de Krijger in advance in a payout notice. “Next payout then and then.”

No rights can be derived from the above.
Over time, the remuneration system may change and this explanation will be adjusted accordingly as soon as possible.