No Backspace challenge

Hi, I'm Adam, and I figured out here that I want to make a challenge, this challenge I call the #nobackspace challenge. These are the rules.

Every 2 days I give a piece of a Wikipedia article and you have to overwrite it without using the backspace.

You need to film yourself with a screen recorder for proof if, for example, you wrote everything correctly.

You are not allowed to copy and paste.

Those are actually the only rules since this is a very simple challenge.

And now I show you what to write on 7 February, it starts at 12 o'clock in the Netherlands time, that also means that people here on Curaçao can start at 7 o'clock in the evening for their time.

One of the predecessors of the modern guitar was the kithara, an instrument used by the ancient Greeks. How that instrument became known later in Spain is not clear. It is possible that a lute from Mesopotamia was brought to this country by the Moors, or a Roman zither, on which one would have put a neck.

So we're not doing too much text tomorrow. Success!