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Maybe you think you’ve seen me naked

Because my clothes were off

But that’s not how bare I can be

I showed you more than just my body

More than the outside alone

I showed you everything of me

And although I love your touch

Your soft eyes on my skin

What I really want you to see

Is everything I'm hiding within

Can you see beyond the freckles

The make up, the smile, the tears

Do you know what moves my heart

What touches me, can you really see

If you think you can

Only actually than

Have you seen the real naked me

Ingrid Tips en meer
Ontzettend mooi geschreven!! En waar!
10-08-2017 17:56
10-08-2017 17:56 • Reageer
Heel mooi gedicht!
10-08-2017 13:05
10-08-2017 13:05 • Reageer
Lifestyle Blogster
Heel mooi geschreven!
10-08-2017 10:22
10-08-2017 10:22 • Reageer
Judith Evelien
Mooi geschreven. Prachtig!
09-08-2017 19:47
09-08-2017 19:47 • Reageer