Lately, I've been desperately in need of distraction things where I need my whole head to do something else to change my mind.. In the past I have digitally scrapped and also made scrap kittens. But my interest is shifting and I like the different surreal digital images that you see everywhere appear so beautiful! And thanks to the cookies on my PC, I think that search has brought me to a site called Nucly and offering a free tutorial.

I'm very excited about it. Great explanation and it delivers the parts of the images you're about to create right away when you sign in!

Mind you it's a Photoshop tutorial and I'm very glad I got Photoshop a gift from my husband last year. I know the program well enough to find everything he uses in this image and I don't have to look for much!

#digitalart #tutorial #freetutorial


Of course, my image has not become quite the same as his, but stubborn as I am I will look at what I like and adjust that!

Interested to also participate in the free tutorial and learn how to create this image (An image composed of about 20 layers and 4 different photos!) to the right? You can do this by registering via the link below!