Objectoons of day 8 - the entries!

There can still be a vote!

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And another day of great submissions! Rediscovered creativity, hidden qualities and surprising effects! Thank you so much for the submissions! AND: there can still be voted for the nicest entry!

Tomorrow we go for the object: Cap or lid. Or you can choose your own object!

Boat boating. . . .

@Peggy_Sue made another great mouthcaps - object tone! It could be a separate challenge! We can do something with that!


@marijke is really going to make art! Here is more the object the inspiration for the drawing. Nice and colorful a real mondrian!

Cheerful clown

@Madeleine went loose with all parts of the pen! Very nice again! At Madeleine it really unleashed a piece of creativity that she actually had for a long time! Nice, you know!

The Challenge

Everyone can of course join the #objectoons challenge! You can start with part 1, or get in part 2! Read carefully what the idea of an object tone is, you process an everyday object, the object, IN a drawing, it is part of your drawing, then you have an object.