Old photos

I love photos, I love how photos can tell us a story, how they can capture emotions at the time, how they serve as reminds of special occasions.

My cousin and I are very close, but unfortunately live in different countries, for years now we often take photos to exchange with each othet. It's almost as if we are saying "you were not here in person, but you were here in my thoughts".

A while back my husbands aunt gave us a stack of photographs. She has been clearing up and going through old boxes and thought that perhaps we would appreciate the photos. One photo on there is of my husband's grandmother.

She was a nurse, and this photo was taken in Cape Town around 1930. To hold that old photo, still in black and white was really special. Our daughters loved seeing this, they had never met her, just as my husband never did because she passed away before his birth.

In that same week, a family member of mine living in America posted a family photo and asked us if we could guess who the people were on the photo. It turned out to be my grandmother as a child with her siblings and parents. So in fact, a photo of my grandmother and my great grandparents and great-great grandmother, this was around 1944. I find this pretty special.

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