Old Roman surprise wine

The ancient Romans often donated each other a special seasoned wine, called conditum paradoxum. Which means, quite translated, surprise wine. Because there was never really known which herbs were used, nor how many. The only way to judge was to drink. Below you will find a recipe to make it yourself. However, this is a basis, you are free to add spices to your own taste, the greater the surprise of this experimental wine.


1 bottle of white or rosé wine.

200ml honey




Bay leaves



Take 250ml of the wine and cook it with the herbs. Let it boil well. Take the decoction from the fire and add the honey. Make sure that the honey completely dissolves in the warm wine.

Then, with a funnel, add the seasoned wine back to the original wine in the bottle and place the cork back. Turn the bottle over and over until an even mixture and spices are distributed throughout the wine.

Afterwards you can drink the wine warm, at room temperature (as a gluwein) or chilled. Before serving, do not forget to turn the bottle back over and over, as the herbs tend to sink to the bottom.

Tip: Take a wine bottle with screw cap; it closes a lot easier afterwards.