On a trip.

@peerke70 nodigt ons uit om in gedachten op reis te gaan aan de hand van een foto die hij heeft geplaatst in zijn blog! I'm happy to do that this morning.! So you want to read where my thoughts took me? Then read my story down here!


There I am, I just see the bus leaving at the end of the road. I wanted to go out, so I packed my bag and trolley and set up a cabin in the woods.. A friend of mine has offered it to me so many times. “It's always empty," he said. His family never goes there. So I thought I'd just take that offer and go over there.

He warned that it is lonely and alone in the woods and sent me a postcard on how to walk from the bus stop, half an hour he said. That must be to do. So I start my adventure and walk down the path and have to climb over a fallen tree every now and then. But the little path is clear and not so difficult to lose sight of. After half an hour, I see the cottage looming.

The cottage is a small log cabin and the key is hidden behind a large antler. Soon I'm going in.. I take the booklet off the table and be the first to start up the generator that is supposed to power me in this remote place. We can do that very quickly.

Inside I put in the fridge and make a fire in the fireplace. There is a small sofa and a chair in front of the fireplace. In the open kitchen there is also a table with two chairs and there is a separate room with toilet and a sink, so no shower this week! The bedroom is also small with a semi-double bed in it and a bedside table.

Remarkable are the large locks and slides and eyelets and hooks that have already been installed to close windows and doors inside. Very expressly says in the booklet that close well on both the doors and the windows every night before sunset. For now, everything except the front door is closed, and I'll leave it that way.

In front of the fireplace I think about what's out there that should be so good in me? I fill the fridge with the provisions from my trolley and put my bread on the counter. The cans with my meals for the next few days I put on the rack.

Meanwhile the inside is nice and cozy and I stow the stove extra and put on my jacket and go outside looking for new wood. I soon find that stacked neatly next to a small shed opposite the log cabin. I fill the wheelbarrow and drive it to the cottage and fill up the big pile of wood next to the fireplace.

I'll bring the wheelbarrow back and explore the surroundings of the cottage what. There's actually not much to see around the forest as far as the eye can see. Strange you would expect to see something from the city as it is not so far away and the cottage is on a rather high mountain! But there is not to see. Nothing else like just forest!

But good a great book and the fireplace and one of the bottles of wine I saw in the kitchen! I love it so the peace and the wonderful scent of the forest. I enjoy my book and when my stomach starts to grumble but I have a bowl of soup with bread! Simple but delicious more hoof for me not!

Through the window I see how the sun just touches the top of the trees and I decide to follow the advice in the booklet and close. The shutters I put first on the windows and fasten them with large sliding. And then I close the front door behind me and check every window in the house and make sure everything is locked.

The evening will fall now but I can't see it anymore and I crawl on the couch in front of the fireplace with a blanket and read on in my book. Lovely nothing must, no phone. No one from work who knows how to find me, a little time to myself. Tomorrow I take myself for a walk in the woods. I just have to figure out how to do that without getting lost! But that's tomorrow's concern.

I fall asleep with the book on my lap and scare awake. I see on my watch that it's already three o'clock and the fire is just burning.. Loom I come from the couch and put some new wood on the fire. Only when I lie on the couch under the blanket I hear the scratchy sound. It's mouse quiet and every sound is clearly audible. Outside there's something around the house. Probably an animal I reassure myself. Scratch on the wooden parts of the log cabin and follow the sound around the hut.

I sit up straight and put the blanket even tighter around me. Then I seem to hear a voice. Now I hear my name? I'm just standing up, turn on the kettle and grab my tablet and put on some music. I hope that pushes away the sounds from the outside.

Come on, there's nothing. And if anything, it must be an innocent animal. And if it's a bear then it's good the whole house is locked.. I reassure myself. But through the music I keep hearing the sound as if big claws were scratching in hot wood at the front door and looking for a way in.

The sound expands now it seems to come from the side of the bedroom. A singchy unclear sound fills the air and actually I want to go outside and see what's out there. But it's too frightening. I'm going to look for guns on the wall hangs a big gun, but I have no idea how that works, and I'm hanging it back.

I take two large knives out of the knife block and put them next to me on the couch. The sounds are getting louder. I'm sticking my earbud in my ears in another attempt to shut out all those sounds. That helps.

Now that all I hear is the sounds of my Play list, I venture into the bedroom. I peek through a tiny slit of the window shutters and don't see anything. Everywhere I can I make light and stow the fireplace extra with some thick logs.

Meanwhile it is 6:30am and I have not closed any more the sounds remain and in half an hour the sun has to go up and I hope that the peace will return again when whatever goes around the house goes back into the forest.

I walk back to the bedroom and peek out one more time. At the edge of the forest I see dozens of fire-red eyes looking at the cabin. But when the first rays of light hit the cottage, they all disappear.

I take the cap out of my ears and turn off my tablet. It's quiet outside again. Through the one crack I see the sun gaining ground and a new day begins. I walk back in and start packing all my stuff.. When I have all packed and cleaned up the cottage it is now 10.00 am gently I open the locks of the front door. I look out, but there's nothing special to see. I step outside and I think I just see a deep scratch in the wood that seems to close before my eyes.

I open the shutters and leave the cottage as I found it. Get my stuff and lock the door and put the key back behind the antlers. Because I'm not staying here a day longer! I follow the path to the bus stop faster than on the way. I jump over the fallen trees and drag the bag and trolley after me.

It seems as if vague shadows accompany me from the dark forest just before the bus stop, they seem to disappear again.. I've never been so happy to be on the bus on my way home.

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