On the way to Tomorrowland


@peerke70 geeft ons de kans om, bij een door hem uitgekozen foto, een verhaal te vertellen. I like to try to boost my writing skills, so here my story. Written out of my name, because I like to do it 😉


Travel to Tomorrowland

Diaantje is not a travelling type, but if she was allowed to go somewhere, it's to Tomorrowland. She just doesn't know where this is somewhere and what it means. The name of that country just sounds like music to her ears.

Is Tomorrowland within walking distance? Or maybe reachable by car? Would it even be accessible only by plane? She packs her bag and also her shopping trolley, filled with various kinds of food. After all, she doesn't know where she's going to end up.

Dreaming what would be Tomorrowland, she thought that this should be a country where everything is fine and where there are no grief, pain, illnesses and other nasty things. Tomorrowland is, in her eyes, a beautiful country that everyone should go to for once.

So she thought that there would always be the sun and the temperature would be about 25 degrees. Not too hot, because that's not good for everyone. Each house has a jacuzzi and a sauna, a place where you can relax. Of course also a swimming pool and a nice lounge set. Lovely with soft cushions to read on or just take a nap.

Whatever had to be there was the sea and the beach. Here everyone can walk and enjoy the sound of the waves and experience how calm you become. No special routes for people who are poorly on foot or in a wheelchair, no in Tomorrowland anyone can walk. No one's sick there!

In the meantime, she continues with her trolley, not knowing which direction to go. Along the way she passes through a forest and to rest for a while, she sits on a thick tree trunk. She looks around, sees a sun through the trees and enjoys the tranquility. Could this be a piece of Tomorrowland? From her trolley she takes a sandwich and enjoying everything around her, she eats it calmly. Of course also a cup of coffee, because that is part of a delicious sandwich. Fortunately, a good thermos bottle that keeps the coffee well warm.

After the short break, she walks on again and she doesn't know which direction to go. She's feeling, because she thinks this is the only way to get where she wants to go.

She hears the birds whistling and the rustling of the leaves on the trees. She enjoys all the beauty around her to the fullest.

Then she sees a rainbow in the distance. All of a sudden a rainbow? It hadn't rained, so that was weird. Would it be a symbol or is there, under that rainbow then finally Tomorrowland? A rainbow that also tells everyone there is welcome and everyone is equal. It doesn't matter if you're a man or woman, what skin color you have, and it doesn't matter whether you're heterosexual or homosexual. Even everyone speaks the same language there.

Slowly she walks towards that rainbow, because it has a tremendous attraction. After a few hours of walking, she gets very tired and decides to take a short sleep. She puts her blanket, yes she had also put it in her trolley, on the floor and lies on it in the sun. It won't take long, or she's in a deep sleep.

When she wakes up again, she'll look around her. Everything is different now! The rainbow is gone and she sees the ceiling of her bedroom. Huh.... Have I dreamed now?

Yes, Diaantje dreamed. Dreamed about a country that does not exist, just in your dreams. It was a nice dream and she has a smile on her face. She knows that she can contribute to the creation of Tomorrowland.

Accepting people for who they are, happy with everything you have and continue to believe in a bright future. So stay positive. That's what Diaantje always does, she keeps laughing, she likes to be among the people and always stays positive.

Tomorrowland is her most beautiful dream of all time and she would like to make it a reality.

Photo header made by @Encaustichris when I was visiting there.