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We already have a lot of Online Yoors Café editions behind us and because the gift (beneficiary) was introduced here at Yoors I will support top supporters in the coming days by means of a gift (a post for the beneficiary with all the YPs that come on that, i.e. Yoors Beneficiary). If you haven't received this yet, these are the new updates.

yoors beneficiary


@Hans is a man with broad interests in news, backgrounds and especially about animal welfare, nature, environment, politics. He reads and knows a lot. He brings to Yoors a lot of articles and written blogs about this that I like to read. I read and learn new interesting things in his blogs. Very instructive and highly recommended to follow him. He also writes about other topics that are also interesting to read, ranging from music to health. It's so many blogs and so many topics, like a library! Awesome! Some of his blogs can be read below.

@Hans is also very handy and creative, because the other day he was busy building a drawer unit himself. Looks great!

@Hans also likes music and wrote blogs about it. Music from the 60's and 70's is his preference.

Thank you, topsupporter!

@Hans Thank you for who you are! I find your news and backgrounds blogs great instructive to read, so keep going! Thank you for following me and appreciating my posts and support! SUPER! With this Yoors Beneficairy I would like to give you something back.


This Online Yoors Café has been opened following a post from @Henkjan The Warrior about what if Yoors can do together against the loneliness virus. Also the previous editions of the #onlineyoorscafe you can read here.

Come in at Yoors and visit the Online Yoors Café! Sign up here for FREE via the button below and you're right in! Welcome!

This post is dedicated to Hans

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