Online Yoors Café - Together - Beneficiary - Topsupporter Henkjan de Krijger is beneficiary - 13-05-2020

Good morning, all of you, Goodmorning!

For English press the Select Language button. The Online Yoors Café is open again for a chat, a music or whatever you want to say here. This following a call from @Henkjan The Warrior what we as Yoors could do together against the loneliness virus.

yoors beneficiary

Redirect all YP of one post to another. Today that is @Henkjan The Warrior

We have already had a lot of editions and because yesterday the gift (beneficiary) was introduced here at Yoors I will support top supporters in the next few days by means of a gift (a post for the beneficiary with all the Yoors that come on that, or Yoors Beneficiary). If you hadn't received this yet, these are the new updates from yesterday.

Yoors Beneficiary

@Henkjan The Warrior

@Henkjan The Warrior The creator, the founder of Yoors. Watch this fun video, in which he explains what Yoors means to him.

He and his Yoors team have been on the road for over 6 years to make Yoors a little better every day and we as bloggers think and help. We'll do it together! Sometimes you go down a road and find out that maybe you should have done it differently. That's what I love about entrepreneurship, a person who dares to make choices, even though that may not always be the right thing for you. In my opinion, you're a real entrepreneur. The beautiful and pure thing I like @Henkjan The Warrior is that he is sincere and allows us as bloggers to participate in his quest for what Yoors should be. I found this post touching to read and it shows to me that someone is powerful and dares to show their vulnerability and it shows an enormous energy from which I reap inspiration as a blogger. Henkjan came up with a great plan and launched Yoors Love Support.

@Henkjan The Warrior is a man who brings people together, who connects. That's how he made the call that we can do together about the loneliness virus. He is also widely interested in man and the story behind it. I like to see that he is also working with Yoors on an international level and gives everyone a chance to get started as a blogger.


@Henkjan The Warrior Thank you for who you are! The place you created named Yoors! A place where I, as a blogger, can express my creative excesses. And that you appreciate that I think SUPER! With this Yoors Beneficiary I would like to give you something back!


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