Oriental pumpkin soup

Now that school has started again, autumn is soon on the doorstep. And with autumn, the typical autumn colours and vegetables become more visible again. This way the store will soon be bulging again with delicious fresh pumpkins. Delicious to make soup out of. Most pumpkin soups are made to the basis of carrot and pumpkin. However, my grandmother made the most delicious pumpkin soup not with carrots, but with tomatoes. I'd be so happy as a kid if she'd made these and I got a plate.

In the meantime, I have recreated the recipe myself and also partially modified it. Because I love oriental herbs very much, I also gave them such a twist. It is in itself a fairly simple recipe, with which you can also go in all directions. Please note, this is a recipe based on 1 small pumpkin. You'll soon make a big kettle of soup with it. I always make them to freeze in portions and warm up later. With one pumpkin, you'll be sweet for a whole winter.


1 pumpkin (not too big, I count about a 30cm wide)
1 kg of tomatoes
2 white onions
1 orange or red bell pepper
3 cloves look
3 cubes of vegetable or herbal broth
1 spoonful of coconut oil
Pepper and salt

Oriental herbs (to taste)

A piece of ginger (1 to 2 cm)
Curry Powder
Paprika powder



Peel and pitted the pumpkin and cut into cubes. You can also choose a butternut or Hokkaido pumpkin, then you will be ready a little faster, because you do not need to peel these 2 pumpkin varieties: so just cut into pieces and pitted. The skin with this pumpkin is edible and can therefore be included in the pot. Cut the tomatoes into pieces. Those who suffer quickly from tomatoes can also first peel them. You can see how it works here . Peel the onions and cut them finely, just like the peppers and garlic. If you use fresh ginger, you can also cut it into fine cubes, or you can grate it.

Put a large cauldron on the fire and put in it a spoonful of coconut oil. Of course, you can also use ordinary olive oil or butter. But if it has to be oriental, coconut oil gives just that little bit more.

Fry the onion, paprika, ginger and garlic briefly and then add the cubes of pumpkin. Stew for 5 minutes, then add the tomatoes to the mixture. Leave to stew briefly and stir; then put the greetings under water and add the stock cubes. Leave to simmer for about 20min on a low heat.

Now take your hand blender and mix the mixture to a homogeneous mass. If you find that the soup turns out a little too thick, just add some extra water. Now season with pepper and salt.

When you have flavored the soup, it's time to give it the oriental twist. So add curry powder and turmeric to taste. I am quite generous with this myself, it can really taste like it for me. If it would like a little sweeter, add some paprika. Do you like extra spicy? Then use pili pili or cayenne pepper, but be economical on this.

There's a nice oriental pumpkin soup. Just feast!

Meal soup

You can also make this soup a real meal soup perfectly. Simply add 250 to 300 grams of small macaroni and cook until tender. The pasta will be even softer anyway, because the soup remains warm for a long time, also the fire is already off. Of course, you are also free to use other pasta. My grandmother used to put tapioca in it herself. That does not offer as much extra weight as pasta, but is also super tasty.

Remember to make your soup a little thinner beforehand, namely starch sticks to pasta, which will thicken the mass.

When you warm up this winter you have a real and healthy meal together with a thick sandwich.