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26. Dancers don’t drink enough

26. Dancers don’t drink enough

A lot of venue owners are complaining that dancers in the latin scene don’t drink enough at the bar for a successful party night.

There are a few reasons for this:
1. We dancers don't drink a lot, because the bartenders are always picking up ice/lemons with their bare hands and we are not drunk enough not to care about this unhygienic drinks served to us.

2. The most expensive drinks, like alcohol, are not doing our body any good. We want to be fit and should take care of our bodies by drinking mostly water.

3. Fanatic dancers spend maybe more money going out dancing every day if it’s possible, instead of a person who goes out only once a month to a party to get totally drunk.

# We dancers can still support these party places by buying at least one glas of wine, or bring friends that will eat/drink at these places so we can continue having these nice parties.

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