Personal consequences Corona

In the news and during press conferences. emphasized the consequences, of COVID19, for companies. They are immense and I certainly don't want to sweep under the table. However, personal situations have also arisen, which many people do not (immediately) realize.

One doesn't mind sitting at home, but there are plenty of people where the walls are already coming at them.
Three weeks can be bridged, but if it was going to take half a year or maybe a year or more, is not a pleasant prospect.

There are also people with:

• Long distance relationships that are no longer able to visit each other for the time being because boundaries are closed
• Holidaymakers who are either chased away from a country or cannot travel back
• People in care homes who are no longer allowed to be visited
• People whose loved one is dying, but because they have (minor) complaints themselves, they are not allowed to visit them
• Operations that are postponed
• Socializing that is getting even worse than it already was
• Dental appointments are rescheduled

See comments for more examples.

Can you mention even more such situations?

Name them in a response. Or blog about it, post the link in a comment and I link to that blog here.

Strength for everyone!

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