Pinterest watch

How to view Pinterest?

To see 'everything' you need an account. Register or sign in to Pinterest.
The home screen shows several pins, with the most recent front. The main screen is here:
Or click “Home” on Pinterest to end up there.

Why look on Pinterest?

You're so busy with this or that. Why snooping around on Pinterest?
Spend — for example — 10 minutes a day or half an hour a week. While you're waiting for the bus, or wait for the oven to squeak or something. 😄

It may sound cliche, but one of the reasons: get inspiration .
If you like something, you could try it out.
If you've tried it out, you could blog about it. On Yoors for example.

How do you look for something specific?

You can read that in the article below:
TIP! If you point a pin, a clickable link will appear (provided one is associated with that pin) . So there is no need to open the pin first.

What else to see on Pinterest?

• Visit accounts you follow
• Discover signs and/or accounts. A pin says who pinned it and which board. Both are clickable. Does the account or sign speak to you? Follow it if necessary.
The next time you visit the home page, Pins on those topics or account might be in between them.
• Watch videos, such as hacks (Tools to do something easy) or how to clean a mackerel or create convenient storage. (Lots of variety, really something for everyone there.)

But not too long on Pinterest, there's a lot to see on Yoors too! 😉
Even though I have been a Yoorsmember since 2015, I still discover posts (and accounts) I have never seen before in 2021.
Here's how to search by Yoors:

You can see my most recent Pins here.
The grey bar on the side allows you to scroll. What you see appeals to you? Click on “Follow on Pinterest” at the bottom.