No piracy please!

We all want to share, share our personal stories, poems, pictures, DIY tips, recipes and news and so much more! And that is great. And in our time it is a great way to reach many people if you find a platform online to do just that! But do not forget that you are responsible for all the content you put online as well ethically as legally!

So your post is your responsibility! We sometimes want to share content that is not ours because it touches our heart, it is pure beauty, it is hot news and just things you want to bring in to the world because you support them! All that is oké too! But remember, you cannot just copy and paste others peoples content without permission or naming the source you got your information from!

Claiming it as your own is illegal and punishable by law.


This picture is a add-on in digital scrap-booking kits i own that says it all!

Claiming things as your own that are not is an act of piracy, so it is important to claim your own content or to refer to a source!

If it is your content claim it : alt0169 makes the © mark to show that the content, tekst or pictures or video or tutorial or whatever is yours! add your name to the © and it is clear!

If it is not your content name your source! Link to there page, name there name! It is not just a common courtesy!!

Like this poem or quote or picture is by .......

And even if you do not have any succes researching the source of your pictures or images just like mine used in this blog write it down in your blog or post! Other may know and help you find the source. Or tip you when your are about to link to stuf that you are not supposed to share this way! (Somebody helped me in that way some time ago!)

Image used in the header and blog: Source unknown.

Please take your responsibility about your content serious!!

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