Plugins for Paint.NET and how to install

Paint point net is a free photo editing program. There is much more to do. Especially if you

in addition to the free download of the program
, also download free plugins.

What are plugins?

Additions to a program. It offers additional features, on top of the base of the program.

Where can you download plugins for Paint.NET?

There are many to be found on the Internet, but I recommend downloading the plugins only here: -plugin-index / -tutorials-publishing-only /


  • dpy's Plugin Pack

  • Madjik'all plugins
  • How to install plugin (s) in Paint.NET?

    unpacking file, some packages have an install.exe.If you click on the install, the package will install itself in Paint.NET.

    And else you can do it yourself.

    How do you do it?

    Go to the location where paint point has just been installed. Then to the folder “Effects”
    So this folder C: / Program Files/Paint Net/Effects
    Insert the plugin (s) (

    from the plugin pack) in that folder.

    After installing plugin (pack) (s) you can do much more with

    In case you have installed “MaDjik'all plugins-pack”, there are more than 75 additional effects in Paint.NET.

    You can see that by using the green sign behind the effect. If you point that, you can see the creator. (See header.)


    The added effects

    will often have English names, even if Paint.NET is installed in English.

    Without a plugin (pack) s you can also go ahead with Paint.NET!

    For that you will find several ideas in my collection:

    Install programs/additions at your own risk. If in doubt do not do.