Poem 31-12-2010

Just before the Christmas of 2010 we were called together.
We got the bad news that both grandfathers were sick.
And that this Christmas 2010 would be their last Christmas.
My grandfather (father's side) died on 05-01-2011.
My grandfather (mother's side) died on 15-04-2011.

They had a few things in common:
- Died both in 2011
- Died in the same death house and ironically in the same room/bed.
My grandfathers died of the same disease.
Christmas after 2010 wouldn't be the same anymore.
I changed the poem after death in 2011.


A little word
It comes into your life
And it can cause so much
Each has its own kind
All the power you have to give
It makes so much ruin
A disease with which you do not mock
So much grief comes into it
You want to live
And you turn to God
You don't want to give up
It always sticks to you

Until the last, you remain a fighter
With your last power
You don't want to go at all
With the day it's getting worse
And I saw a man laughing
Lost the fight
Saying goodbye with a tear
Last I say I love you
A smile up to the ears
You had to go
Now we are in mourning 💞 🙌

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