Portuguese are warm people.

Since I recently moved 100 km from my previous place here and know almost nothing about this area, I joined the Facebook group of the municipality where I belong.
The municipality consists of 3 parts of which “my” village is one. There are about 3900 people in the whole municipality.

So I signed up and admitted to the group, of course I have an introductory message, just very briefly, that I am Dutch, my Portuguese is still bad and thank you for being admitted.
That was yesterday, now more than 120 people have given me a like, over 50 have bothered to write something and some have sent me a friend request. Heartwarming anyway.

Tell me honestly, when a Turkish or Moroccan sign up in your city group, will they be warmly and warmly welcomed?

Let me live here where you are welcome, even if you are a foreigner who speaks the language badly.