Qatar police advised showing control throughout Football World Cup after FIFA talks

Moderation is to be asked of police throughout the Football World Cup concerning conduct that goes contrary to the cultural standards of Qatar but is common in Europe, corresponding to a series of top-secret agreements brokered among FIFA and Qatari officials.

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Followers should be permitted to clamber on tables, drape flags over statues, and sing loud songs in public with no challenging intrusions by police, corresponding to a summary of the contracts seen by the Guardian. Essential areas of personal rights are also included, with LGBTQ+ admirers being permitted to show displays of fondness in the street and fly multicoloured flags in public areas, despite laws that mean homosexuality is unlawful in the Gulf state.

With the inaugural game of the Football World Cup just over two weeks away, followers and football organizations continue to face ambiguity over how fans will be treated in Qatar. This is particularly true of patrolling, much of which will be delegated by Qatar to Turkish and Pakistani law prosecution. This week British police stated they would be taking 15 sponsor commitment officers to the tournament Football World Cup to help prevent cultural mistakes.

But unpublished findings of discussions among FIFA and agents of the Qatari Safety and Security Operations Committee (SSOC) show there are several regions in which police will be likely to show leniency towards conduct that does not threaten physical honesty or estate. In a section featuring followers, the document lays out cases in which police should not interfere in certain detail. Stand up on a table/chair/bench and chant a fan song in public: no action, no trial, reads one entry. Top statues, etc. with fan banners and flags in public: no action, no trial, is another.

The text is assumed to be a purification of a lengthy meeting in which FIFA officers sought to obtain firm responses on how policing might be performed throughout the tournament Football World Cup. Some elements highlight the wide gap between western outlooks of the law and the norms in Qatar.

One portion, indicating women’s rights, states: Women will be able to obtain medical care as well as related to pregnancy or procreative health irrespective of the situation and will not face any allegations. This statement is likely a reply to laws that mean agreeable sex outside of marriage leftovers illegal in Qatar. The text goes on to tell: Women will not face any allegations if they report rape or sexual harassment/violence.

Qataris have come under intense force to ensure the safety of LGBTQ+ people travelling around to the tournament Football World Cup. The document makes no mention of the likelihood of revising the penal code, one demand made of the World Cup hosts, but under a section marked public norms it tells: People can remain in the same room irrespective of spousal status or gender.

On the issue of the march around LGBTQ+ rights, the document states: Persons showing the colourful or other sexual character flags will neither be contacted, detained nor accused. It also proves that people should be permitted to kiss and hold hands in public places or stadiums without interfering.

A lack of public pledge from the hosts to greater acceptance for the period of the tournament Football World Cup has caused matters to rise among supporters aiming to travel as well as those in marginalized groups. The latest news comes after it was shown that hundreds of supporters will be going to the tournament Football World Cup at the cost of Qatari authorities who, on arrival, will ask that people do not make critical comments in public about the tournament Football World Cup. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

FIFA would not remark on the document when contacted by the Guardian, and a statement given by the Supreme Committee in charge of applying the Football World Cup stated: “We are aware of a Qatar Football World Cup document concerning fan behaviour spreading on social media. This document was not established or accepted by the SC or any other State of Qatar entity.”

FIFA’s shock pitch to followers before controversial Football World Cup in Qatar

FIFA’s leadership team has reacted to the continued rise in negative attitudes towards this month’s Football World Cup in Qatar with a shining assessment of the host nation. One day after FIFA president Gianni Infantino called for players to concentrate on the tournament Football World Cup, rather than every political or political battle that is, the ruling body’s secretary-general Fatma Samoura proclaimed Qatari people as the most welcoming people on earth.

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“No matter your event, your religion, your social and sexual preference, you are most welcome, and Qataris are ready to accept you with the best friendliness that you can expect,” Samoura told.

People can regard Qatar as a fundamentalist society, like my own country in Senegal. Then let me tell you one thing: Qataris are the most welcoming people you can find on earth. Samoura also made the puzzling claim that Qatar should be deemed a model for other nations to see when it comes to developing human rights issues. Qatar’s tournament planners have copped international condemnation amid reports 6,500 migrant workers have perished in the country since it was granted rights to the Football World Cup 10 years ago.

Samoura admitted there had been some questions, although the condition was significantly increasing. Events have been taken over the past six years and particularly by the new leadership of FIFA, Samoura stated. Measures have also been taken throughout the very hot time of the year to safeguard workers. Checks have been carried out, on sites where workers are operational but also in the accommodation part and in hotels and cafes where people will be going for their meals or their space.

We have been employed, over the past six years, with the International Labour Society, with the Building and Wood Workers’ International, and with the Centre for Sport and Human Rights, and those objects are the one's proverb: Yes, in terms of attainment, in footings of progress, Qatar can be chosen as a model to follow for other republics in the region.

Samoura’s bold defence of Qatar comes one week after Australia’s Socceroos took a united stand in opposition to the Middle Eastern nation in a video criticizing its human rights record. A video uploaded by Socceroo's official Twitter bank account quickly went viral with over 1,200 retweets at the time of writing. Focus on these issues is not simple. And we do not have all the responses, the Australian players told in the video.

We stand up with FIFPro, the Building, Wood Employees International, and the International Industry Union Confederation, and seek to embed amendments and create a legacy in Qatar. This must include creating a migrant source centre, a useful remedy for those who have been deprived of their rights, and the legalization of all same-sex relationships. These are the fundamental rights that should be given to all and will ensure sustained progress in Qatar a legacy that goes well beyond the final shrill of the Qatar Football World Cup.

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