Reiki, a gift for yourself!

For a couple of weeks I've been thinking about writing something about Reiki.

Reiki is a (spiritual) life energy, Ki, that you pass through your hands.

Years ago, I did a Reiki course, Reiki 1.

During that course, your channels will be opened, and you will learn how to treat yourself and others with Reiki.

I have experienced the course as very valuable, and since then I have been using Reiki regularly.


The energy you transmit with Reiki through your hands is universal, that is, this energy is always around us.

As a Reiki practitioner, you absorb this energy from your environment and pass it on.

The most direct way is to put your hands on someone, which is the foundation I control.

Reiki works on humans, but also on animals!

I once had the opportunity to treat a horse, that was a very special experience.


I've been taught that you have to be able to treat yourself well with Reiki before you continue, with a second education, and treat others remotely.

I have not done the second course so far, and do not expect to do it either.

For me it is enough to be able to treat myself, and my loved ones, so I have enough on my hands.


Everyone can apply Reiki, after all, the energy is always around us, you just need to learn to channel her.

That sounds scarier than it is, it is a course of 4 days, which I have experienced as very impressive, but above all very valuable!

You don't have to believe in Reiki to give or receive it.

All you have to do is be open to it.

I've treated people who didn't believe in it at all, but gave permission to use my hands.

Then they were convinced. What's more: you can't explain anything to an animal, and they respond positively!


Reiki is a very old technique, Dr Usui has announced the technique after he has long meditated on top of a mountain.

What Reiki does? Reiki does what you need.

It generally works healing: pains heal, physically, as well as emotionally.

I myself experience Reiki as deeply relaxing. Once I got so relaxed that I thought I'd step out of my body, a bizarre experience!


Reiki is not only a way of treatment but also a way of life, especially when you do follow-up courses.

There are three courses, the third will train you to master: you will then be able to teach others Reiki as well.

Reiki masters generally live very according to the Reiki principles (I take them from the magazine I got from my Reiki master):

- Just for today do not anger (don't get angry today)

- Just for today do not worry (don't worry today)

- Honour your parents teachers and elsewhere (honor your parents, teachers and ancestors)

- Earn your living honestly (earn your bread in a fair way)

- Show gratitude to every living thing

Five principles I try to apply in my life, one is easier for me than the other...

Reiki: a gift for yourself, a gift for life!

Photos: own photos.

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