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Rescuing Christmas ornament


Don't let Christmas take us by surprise!

One of the things that I like most about Christmas is that it gives you the opportunity to let your creativity run wild using different ornaments and lights in various colors. It is that smell of Christmas that motivates me to review those ornaments that I hardly use and see what I can do with them, I have to save them since they have a very special meaning for me.

This Santa ornament, believe it or not, has been in my family for many years, more than 25 years old, it was first painted by one of my sisters for our mother and a few days ago my mother gave it to me to bring it to life again.
I plan to keep its colors but I want to add something else.

I was watching some tutorials to give a snow effect to white paint using baking soda on it.
This idea is very interesting to me and I am going to try it, I will only need to buy the paints white, red and blue, I plan to save a little money by creating the skin color with the mixture of white and red.

This new Christmas recycling, renovation and rescue project has me very excited

This is one of the tutorials I saw to give the snow effect to white paint, but in this case they use coarse-grained salt instead of baking soda.

other angles of the ornament

Stay tuned in the next few days as I will be uploading the result.

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