Review: Eco Egg (laundry egg)

We are all increasingly aware of the problems surrounding climate and environment. There are also more and more products that have a less negative impact on humans, animals and the environment. This 'laundry egg' (brand name Eco Egg) jumps along on the cart. But does it also do what it promises? And is it as efficient as a classic detergent?

What does it promise?


It promises me:

  • one year of clean laundry (210 washes), based on about 4 to 5 washes per week. (Which is not the case with me already. With two football sons who come home with really dirty laundry at least 3 times a week.) -> Also exists in larger (720) or smaller quantities
  • it does not contain harmful chemicals, it is non-toxic.
  • it is friendly to the environment. (It keeps 700 000 tonnes of classic detergent out of the market which otherwise contaminates the water system.)
  • it is sweet to people who react allergic to other detergents.
  • It keeps the colors of your clothes lively.
  • It's easy to use.
  • a subtle fragrance. (in my case, “jump blossom” - it also exists in other smells.)
  • not tested on animals

How does it work?

The egg is supplied in the box above and contains:

  • the egg itself. You can open this. It contains a click system that you can press to rotate and that clicks again when you close it. This is to prevent children's hands from seeing the pallets as sweets. 2 types of pallets:
  • the actual active wax pallets. (the pale balls in the bags), which are becoming smaller and refillable. There is one full refill.
  • the heavier, dark spheres that do not have a washing function. They should never be replaced.
  • a petal with instructions, which is very clear, although it is completely in English.
  • refill available.


The test

In the meantime, the egg was put together and tried five times, on different types of laundry: very dirty football clothes, white laundry, towels in all kinds of colors, regular clothes such as sweaters and trousers...


My findings


  • The description says that the washing pallets are intended to remove the dirt from the laundry. My laundry is as clean as with a regular detergent. Where there were stains left without pre-treatment with a classic detergent, this also happens here. (Blood stains on a handkerchief do not go out here without pre-treatment, but otherwise they will not.)
  • I am promised a 'subtle fragrance '(with a hint of spring blossom), but I think the smell is missing. Even with my nose on it or when opening the washing machine, I don't really smell anything spring-like. This is just getting used to. We all sort of have the idea that 'clean' must smell good. However, there are no (sweat) odors in the laundry either!
  • And that's the point: dirt and odours away. Those are gone.

Other comments

  • Am I convinced? For the time being, I will try further. I keep track of the number of washes and want to know if I can effectively wash about 200 times with this. If it is, this is a good investment.
  • Price: which is very variable. I looked at different websites, where they sell the egg. The price differences are large. I bought mine HERE , for the price of 19.99 euros. If I were to buy detergent for a whole year, I would be at a higher price.
  • There are a lot of certificates on the box: FSC, for example, which guarantees sustainability. They have pretty strict conditions there. You can't just claim this label.
  • For the time being, the balance is shifting to positive...

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