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At Uitgeverij Aspekt published the book Verwonder van Jaap van den Berg. Today we are going to review this book. Do you guys read along?

A beautiful picture of Italy we see. Really nice shot. The cover will give you real peace. We see clouds the sun, some trees a fence. What a beautiful cover this is. We also have the desire to fly to Italy, unfortunately that is not allowed at the moment.

About the book:
In Italy, we can marvel at everything: customs, language, nature, culture. With Mauri I talk about all these things every day, in Italian. We're talking about the earth that we're ruining, the animal world that is largely occupied by man with all the consequences that. But also our observations are widely discussed. Italy as a paradise, not to mention the rich centuries-old culture that has laid the foundations for today's Italy. The country is rich in culture that everyone can enjoy today. Italy is the basis of our civilisation.

Our opinion:
A book about Italian culture and travel is not often seen passing by in a novelist form. The author describes in his book that he has been going to Bolsena for 20 years. We didn't even know this place. The author clearly describes the book from his experience. That he has had some trips and really is a traveler is really clear if you read the book. How nice to get acquainted with famous and unknown places in Italy. This only increases our love for Italy. We always wanted to go to Italy, because of corona it didn't happen. We had everything planned a world trip and a route through Italy. Now we have to wait patiently. The author describes the story in a catchy way you taste really Italian atmosphere in the book. A trip is temporarily not necessary. The author has a smooth writing style. As a reader, you can't stop reading. You want to know more things about Italy.

He also describes his friendship in the book. You can also see what Italian sentences pass by. You will get acquainted with the language, culture and the country. It is clear the author is crazy about the land.

“What a divine country Italy is. From early morning to late in the evening we are outside. Actually, we realize that in such a climate we do not need a house. We have a caravan to sleep in, a awning to cook in. On a single cold day we spend our time there. It is a small household in which there is everything one needs. In principle, a person with little space can add. What have we been talking about with the purchase of expensive houses, high mortgages, expensive cars and all kinds of money-consuming side issues. We have become detached from the reality that demands too much of us. Man is hunted in our society that is imperative, counts on production, fades numbers that are sick. If you can leave the house for three months, trade it for living in a caravan, you come to the understanding that you could change your life, simpler, less costly.”

Here the author certainly has a point. This book also really makes you think about the real aspects of life that have remained in the background of many people. Real life should not be materialistic. Indeed, we see that people now really have to live according to a social idea instead of. their own free will. You have to be involved in society or you're not part of it. The author writes in a pleasant and compelling way. The book is written smoothly, the writing style is very good. As a reader, you also devoured the book in no time. This book is really recommended for everyone. We are curious to see even more work of the author. This book gets five stars.

Other information of the book:

Author: Jaap van den Berg

ISBN: 9789463389594

Type of book: Paperback/softback

Number of pages: 214

Publication date: 01-10-2020

Price: €18.95

Available at Uitgeverij Aspekt a direct order link you will find here.


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