Sharing a story..

Sharing a story..

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Just want to share this Amazon link to a free e-book a close friend of mine wrote how her husband turned back to health after years of physical issues.

She has written this book to tell about the diet they discovered that led him on the path to recovery.

It is written in the spirit of love to share and discover the goodness of this Earth and its awesome nature.

Love & Light to every Soul.




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Wist je inmiddels dat je een link klikbaar kunt maken? :)
Love and Light to yourself too!
| 11:58 |
Ja, maar ik ben best wel nieuw op dit gebied en moet nog dingen uitvinden. Dankjewel voor de tip.
| 07:21 |
Mocht je vragen hebben, stel ze me gerust.
| 10:43 |
Zal ik doen. Dankjewel!
| 23:47 |

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