How I made my scale printed top.

How I made my scale printed top.

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Some people on my instagram were curious as to how I made my top. Since I have an international instagram I'll be doing this blog in English so I can link them to it. If it's wanted I'll make one in dutch, but I'll try make this as easy to follow as possible.

Step 1. Making A Pattern.

Take a tank top that is roughly the shape you want it to be (I only used the back tbh, so even if it's low cut in the front you'll still be okay) and fold it at the length where you'd want your top to end. Place it onto pattern paper and trace it. That's how I got my pattern.

Step 2. Cutting the fabric.

Place your pattern onto the folded fabric (so you get two equal panels) and pin it in place. Cut the fabric in the shape of your pattern. Seam allowance is not really neccesary, since you're most likely using Lycra as a fabric and this will stretch enough to allow a snug fit. If you don't feel comfortable with that however, leave a bit seam allowance. Now you have two identical panels. I cut a bit from the neck of what would be my front panel to allow for a better fit. I did this by folding it in half and starting from the middle.

Step 3. Sewing The Panels.

Now you have a front and a back panel you sew and hem it as you would with any shirt. A roll hem is not needed because Lycra doesn't fray for as far as I know. Use a stretching stitch and be sure not to stretch the fabric while sewing. Hem the raw edges and you got the start of your top.

Step 4. Adding Elastic.

Now this is optional, since if you did your last step right (which I did not) you'd have a perfectly functioning top by now. However, I missed a few cm at the bottom so I added some fabric to put an elastic in so it also would not go up in the water. I did this by cutting some strips of fabric and sewing them together like you would if you were sewing a ribbon or so, however I left the top open. I sewed the top of the strip along the bottom of the swimtop (getting confusing, sorry) which closes the strip. I then added in elastic and sewed everything shut and I was good to go.

I sincerely hope I made this a bit clear to read, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!


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Bedankt voor de duidelijke omschrijving :)
| 11:22 |
Het hoorde 5 sterren te zijn maar, heb te snel geklikt
| 16:39 |
Haha awh dankjewel, is oke hihi
| 17:19 |
Mooi gedaan en goede en duidelijke uitleg!
| 16:38 |
Mooi artikel, goed uitleg!
| 14:46 |
Bedankt :D
| 15:00 |
Your English is perfectly well!
| 13:16 |
Thank you so much ^-^ most of my communication these days is in English, even with my dutch friends. Me and my boyfriend also speak English all the time haha, that's how I learned it. Dutch is more difficult for me than English is to be honest.
| 13:20 |
Totally! Dutch is one of the most difficult languages in Europe, so I've been told. Do you know my English Yoors account already? Yoors How-to's. Just saying :) Yoors will be available in English in a while, so I started that account for tutorials about Yoors. Die maak ik ook in het Nederlands, wist je denk ik al.
| 13:42 |
Yep, ik heb ze al gezien haha. Probeer mijn engelse vrienden ook op de site te krijgen maar dat is waarschijnlijk wat populairder als de site ook echt in het Engels is. Ik weet ook nog niet hoe het zit met uitbetaling dus daar kan ik ze niks over zeggen
| 13:54 |
Daar staat ook al een uitleg van in beide talen...
| 14:04 |
Ik bedoel, gaat het gewoon via overschrijving of paypal of wat, dat staat nergens waar ik heb gekeken xd
| 14:14 |
Heb je zelf nog nooit uitbetaling aangevraagd dan? Gaat me verder niets aan, maar zo werkt het dus. Overschrijving op het IBAN nr. dat jij invoert.
| 14:22 |
Ohh okay! Dankjewel! Nee ik heb zelf nog nooit aangevraagd, ik zit klem op 7000 hahah
| 14:26 |
Komt vast een keer goed.
| 16:24 |
Knap gedaan zeg
| 12:41 |
Dankje! Ochtendje werk haha
| 12:45 |
| 12:46 |
Duidelijke uitleg! Zi bereik je meer plubiek
| 09:28 |
Dankjewel haha! Heb mijn best gedaan
| 10:23 |

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