Ronan in Schelpenberg (PDF Download)

In recent times I have been together with @peerke70 I've been in the weather with my Ronan and the Schelpenberg story. Some of you already know Ronan from Part 1 The weird brush that has been here on Yoors in parts and now as a complete pdf download.

As a Dutchman with a German Pa and a Limburg Ma, the Dutch language is really a thing for me. Never been good at it and I'm afraid I won't be good at. But as I said, Peerke supported me a bit and I have already learned a few things and for that I am very grateful to him! But it will remain a point.

Now I've read the story of Ronan and Gem and the magical creature of the Schelpenberg again and I like it so it's done! And so I uploaded the story to my Gmail drive from where you can download it if you want!

So Ronan and the Schelpenberg (Part 2 of this series) you will find HERE .

And The Strange Brush (Part 1 of this series) you will find HERE .

I was already writing to Part 3 but because of living conditions as my psychologist says it is now completely silent and hopefully I will pick it up again when I have come into quieter waters.

So until then a lot of fun reading with The Weird Brush and Ronan.

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