Santa Claus is almost coming again!

Yeah, but you'll think it's gonna take a while! That also takes a while but before we know it they are back there Sinterklaas and his pietenteam!


The national entrance of Saint Nicholas in 2020 will continue, but we cannot all go there!

You know corona, and to keep corona under control, we'll all stay home!

We all hope that Saint and his Peter will receive a warm welcome in the Netherlands!

The entry is to follow on Saturday 14 November at 12.00 hours on NPO zapp/NPO 3.

What will Sint be happy to be back in the Netherlands! I'm secretly wondering how he does that with his moustache and beard and his mouth cap!


And then all the pieten I hope they will accompany our Santa Claus again this year and help him on the rooftops!

Of course, we can help by decorating our houses nicely and making them a great party together!


And if everyone behaves well, they only have the bag for our gifts!

What's on your wishlist this year?

I want to wish you all a lot of fun, lots of fun and a super cozy Sinterklaas party!

And do not eat too much peppernuts!


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