Santarun... does not go on

Every year 1 big party in Gorinchem.
The last weekend before Christmas Day and Christmas Day there is a Santarun.
This run is held in Gorinchem in 2008.
I've been running him in 2009, with my mom.

Target? As Santa Claus dressed about 3km run/walking for charity!
End of the run you get a nice medal.

Every year it's a surprise how the Santa Run day goes. We have now:
Snow, Rain, Sun and ice cream. Once it was so cold, it was just waiting to see if it continued.
It could have been easily -8 that day, but there's also a great atmosphere every year! Let's go crazy!

As a loyal fanatic, I signed up with mother on day 1 immediately!
When there was no news to be heard yet, I decided to send a message via Facebook.
It was now summer and usually the registration date is announced.
At that time I could hardly believe that it would be decided that it would not continue.
I got the answer: We are still busy in consultation!

Unfortunately, on November 11, the message came out that the Santa run 2020 is not going on in connection with Corona.
Of course you're bummy. Because every year you look forward to walking.
For a moment the thought played to run the lap on the route of the Santa run.
But then you miss the atmosphere of the shoppers that encourage you and you don't have a Santa run suit on.
Even though I had my new outfit ready, you still miss that ticky beard. 🎅

So I decided to donate the entry fee you normally have to pay to participate, to a charity!
In any case, I have supported another charity this year.
And I hope that the Santa run will continue, it remains a great tradition to continue! 🎅🤶

🤶 Merry Christmas all! And a healthy 2021 🎅

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