No excuses.

I felt a shock and looked through the window. The train had moved earlier than I expected.

I had been looking for my bag for far too long. Where was I until recently? It made me feel stuffy.
At the next stop, I could get off and take the train back. Luckily, my purse is in my coat, which I'm wearing. My phone is in the bag.
I feel upstairs in all the luggage racks that appear to be empty at first sight. Apparently, unfortunately, that is the case.

“May I see your ticket?” It sounded behind me all of a sudden. With a heated head I answer: “Well, the thing is: it's in my bag but I've lost it” “No excuses. Your ticket, please.” “I'm not making it up. South Station was my final destination of my journey. After getting off, I realized that my bag was still on the train, so I quickly went in, look.
But before I knew it, the train started driving!”

The conductor saw that I was slightly panicked.
“I give you the benefit of the doubt. What compartment were you in?” “If only I knew that.” His pager goes off. Through a walkytalky, he finds out that someone has brought a bag to found objects. He's calling whoever works at that counter. “The bag that was recently brought, would you like to check if there is a valid ticket in it with final destination south?” “Normally we don't look into other people's things, but for a moment.”... He hears rustling.
“I see a phone with in the picture a blonde with brown eyes. Beautiful!”
The conductor looks up to me and I nod. He continues, “and beyond?”
“The ticket I don't see right here.. oh wait! In the front pocket! Yes! Found!”
“App me a screenshot of the photo, so I know if the bag belongs to a lady looking for her bag and thus traveling black.” I'm pulling white away. - Me? Driving black? Never! * Píng! * There the app appeared on his mobile. Immediately he saw the resemblance that I am the handsome one who described his colleague.
“Perhaps you will be lucky madam!” But you will have to buy a ticket for the return trip to South.” I breathe a sigh of relief. That's how everything worked out.

This is the 'cause' of the story above.