#selfies On #dagopvangdenostalgie we also regularly make selfies with my colleagues or our clients.
Our clients almost all have dementia! So when we take a selfie and show it to them, they almost always ask... β€œIs that me?” You know, these people are all 80 and 90 years old, there's even a 98-year-old client with us on the day's work. So they don't believe that they are in the picture, because they're all in an earlier experience.
And an earlier experience means Younger!! And really not the old lady or gentleman in the picture!πŸ˜‰
There were once two ladies who wanted to fold a sheet at our Guard (they interfered with the laundry that was hanging outside). 20 minutes they spent to get this done. They couldn't do it anymore. With directions from me and my colleague, they did it anyway. If you ask our clients who cooks and washes, they all raise their fingers. And believe me. They eat a hot meal with us and the other days they have a table cover!! And washing does the family.. We have fun days on #dagopvangdenostalgie and we laugh at a lot!! And that's how it should be!
Many photos and videos are made and so we keep the family informed about what they are doing on this day!!