Wat is het volgende?

#shortstory  Een klein beetje van mijn verhaal tijdens mijn zwangerschap. Toen ik mijn testresultaten las, zei ik tegen mezelf: "Wat moet ik nu doen? Duizend vragen kwamen in me op. Ik ben alleen, mijn familie is in een ander land, wat dacht ik wel niet? Ik had dagen van ontmoediging en dagen van geluk. Mijn familie besloot te reizen, ik was niet alleen. Ik vrolijkte op, ik ging door met mijn werk, ik ging een paar dagen op reis met mijn man. Toen mijn baby werd geboren begreep ik veel dingen, ik zou zeggen dat ik veel volwassener werd.

Uiteindelijk ben je niet alleen, je hebt veel mensen aan je zijde, meer dan we ons voorstellen. Nu probeer ik een goede moeder te zijn, het beste voor mijn baby.

Foto genomen door Andres Guerrero

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Greeting the river by taking a jump from waterfall! :D
Hello, my friends! Today I'll like to share a #funnypic with you (actually the whole series) all of them funny as they can be as soon as I tell you the contest. So, all of these pictures were taken on river #ZrmanjaCroatia last year in May :D It was our first rolling on the river moment for 2020. and I was super happy and excited to be there, I almost hugged every tree I saw :D The exact spot where pics are made is the last waterfall of our route for that day, locally called the Oger waterfall. As the photo said, I enjoyed every moment with a wide smile on my face, as the #Childofnature should have, except this one going through freezing water ( around 10 Celsius at the time), haha but to take this #enjoythemoment #funnypic one should climb trough small waterfall (small but strong) and I actually manage to get myself stuck trying to take a perfect photo :D Did you guys ever jump from a waterfall in a freezing river? It's a katharsis experience, my intention was to send my greetings and respect toward that river with that jump, I just had to be a part of its perfection for a moment :) #imadethismeme  #nature #naturelovers #river #waterfall #enjoying #kayaking Hope to make you laugh with my precious facial expression while jumping in the cold water, have a nice day! Sincerely Yours, Child of Nature
No Limits
#art Honestly this was one of my beginnings when I started building my technique “the folded seal” Little by little the details are made, Don't limit yourself !! Just draw with two tones and a brush and that's enough! I hope you like it!