When talking about my country, Venezuela, we fall short of the problems we suffer, apart from the high cost of food, the open and the collapse of health, THERE IS NO GASOLINE .... If you listened correctly !!!, a country oil tanker that does not produce gasoline !!!, government mismanagement broke the largest oil company in the country, the oil company, and although we are bringing it from other countries such as Iran, they are just falling cloths that do not solve the problem, the government made a difference Popular gas stations that charge people in bolivares and gas stations with the price in dollars, well gasoline only flows in dollarized gas stations, in addition to a system by number of Identity Card (DNI) to be able to be attended and buy the day that I will touch you by the final number of your identity card, this has brought long queues when it comes to filling gasoline, vehicle owners spend days to be able to stock up with only 30 liters of the precious liquid ... and if this is not enough e public transport is paralyzed, the citizen must reach everywhere on foot, no matter how long the distance ... in addition to this, the conflict of fuel also resonates with the goods and food that must be moved, since its price It increases due to the cost of the precious liquid, if you have a medial emergency, who can help you, since the cars remain in the garages without gasoline, without batteries that cost an arm and a leg and are imported and of course? .. .without rubbers ... and the Venezuelan on foot, malnourished and asking God not to get sick with the pandemic or any other virus. Photos  taken from the national and international press.#Singasolina