Six times read on yoors!

After sitting at home for more than four months, I can imagine that some of them are starting to #vervelen . I have therefore made a selection of fun #posts through the years that can help fight boredom! A lot #leesplezier !

Read about #muziek

For a school assignment I interviewed Jan van der Plas. Jan van der Plas has been working in the music industry for years and has also shaped the current sector to a large extent. You can read the interview here:

Last year I worked for Festileaks, a Dutch initiative, but now international platform with information about festivals. I was allowed to go to the French #Hellfest to report! One of the pieces I wrote can be read here:

In addition, I interviewed the band Indian Askin on behalf of Festileaks. Indian Askin is a Dutch indiepop band that in recent years all major #festivals went off. Unfortunately, now we can only get from that. #dromen , and read. It #interview read here:

We stick to the interviews: a few months later I interviewed Rotterdam's pride, The Kik. The band was supposed to go on tour throughout the Netherlands last spring. This has been postponed for the time being, but luckily they have released a fantastic album at the beginning of the year!

If you're still bored

Do I have some more tips to get through the time:

Make yourself the most beautiful #foto 's with these tips: