Spend this Money on Care instead of Me.

A world that is fortunately unknown to me, almost as if it only exists in tough stories and crime books. A world of harsh violence, drugs, weapons and death, if you don't watch it. Today it started, three years after the introductory session, the Marengo trial, including the accused Ridouan Taghi, will start.

Ridouan Taghi seems to have resigned to the most probable punishment, life imprisonment, and therefore finds this trial a waste of money and time. He says about this himself;” You better spend the money from this fake trial on the teacher shortage, on care, on the police shortage, than on me. ” This piece of acceptance makes him, however crazy, a lot more sympathetic in my eyes..

Thank God we live in a country where everyone has the right to a fair trial and a fair defence, including Ridouan Taghi.

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Art Is Alegria!!!
You can see how movies make you excited and sad can happen with all songs, dances, drawings, art, crafts, toodooo the feelings, effort, passion and joy that a person places what he likes to do is so great that it simply and only gives value to that #Art
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The Music Box
The music box One sunny day, I was driving through a village and my eye panicked at a woman.. I put my car by the side of the road and walk to her.. She says help, come in soon, my son wants to rob herself of life.. I run upstairs and want to open his bedroom door but this one is locked.. Fortunately, the mother had a spare key and opens the door for me.. For me, a person sits on bed with a look that didn't predict much good.. I walked to him and saw that he had different kinds of drugs on the table for him.. I watched him, but I felt he hadn't taken anything yet.. What now I looked around the room and saw a table with all music boxes and walked to it and grabbed the biggest one and walked back to the table where it was sitting. . I wiped the medicine off the table with my arm at once and put the music box in front of his nose.. He looked at me amazed.. What do you want from me? . I asked him how does this work?. He was going to explain to me promptly.. Meanwhile, the mother had turned on emergency services, and I was glad I had managed to change this man's mind.. I gave him a hand and she strength and hopefully goodbye.. I left my phone number and left. Thank you. Three months later, I get a call with a male voice. . I want to thank you for help. I liked to say done and that sounded like music to my ears.. Also listen to on my new podcast #musicbox #music #sucide #relief https://admin5.podbean.com/gerritbrusse1972/episodes/shareEmbed/zYkYGRi85TV2