Spiritual celebrations in December

Everything comes to an end, and from each end a new beginning.That's the way it goes with the winter solstice.A last few weeks, the days of the old year shine with a festive shine.One last time we walk through the foggy autumn forests before it gets too cold and nature completely sleeps.And although for witches and paganists a new year has already begun, that does not stop us from going into the party noise later.We are also always celebrating the rebirth of the sun god.It is precisely when the days are shortened, the dark creeps in more and more, and the inhospitable world outside makes us shiver from the cold, he returns with the promise of sunnier and warmer times.


What we do at this special time of the year has not changed much in the last centuries, except that we are now putting a Christmas tree, with or without a nativity scene underneath.We're still exchanging presents with friends and family.December is a month of many celebrations — just think of the Saint and New Year.But one of the reasons to celebrate that has fallen into oblivion over time is the Old Roman tradition of Saturnalia, festivities that lasted from 17 to 23 December.The days of Saturnalia were, of course, dedicated to the Roman god Saturn.These festivities consisted of hospitality, eating together, exchanging gifts and sometimes turning over the social system in which slaves were served by their masters.

One of the most special gifts was giving and donating seasoned wine, called conditum paradoxum.Which means, quite translated, surprise wine.Because there was never really known which herbs were used, nor how many.The only way to judge was to drink.This is a wine that we make ourselves once.You will find a nice recipe for this here .

With this we commemorate the ancient Roman thought and wish you a happy holiday, whatever you may call it.

Traditional celebrations and rituals in December

December 1 - Feast of the Roman goddess Bona Dea

The “good goddess” was celebrated on December 1 by her followers in ancient Rome.Bona Dea was a guardian of female fertility and was also an earth goddess, with symbolism of justice, equality and female medicine.During her worship, secret rites often took place, in which men were strictly forbidden.The latter were often not set up with that.Even a male animal was not allowed during these festivities.For women, on the contrary, there were no limits.This was the party in which they were allowed to let themselves go completely.

Celebrate and dance today and enjoy your femininity.Support women's organisations and remember all the oppressed women in the world.Ask Bona Dea for assistance for those who have to live under the yoke of a man's world.

Celebrate this party with your friends too.Get together in a secret place, exchange secrets, be completely yourself, free and bandless.Today, gossip is allowed.


21 December - Feast of the Roman goddess Lucina

It is on the darkest day of the year that we celebrate the light, because from now on the light will gain strength again.The sun grows stronger and prevails over the darkness.We decorate our homes with eternally green mistletoe and ivy, and place lights in the now predominant darkness to help the light in her rebirth.

On this day, every year Lucina brings a child into the world, a symbol for all people that reminds us to love each other.Invite your friends and give each other loving trifles.That's the ritual for successful “witch Christmas.”

25 December - Feast of the Germanic goddess Holle

Many of us are familiar with Woman Holle from the eponymous fairy tale.Her true state is not that far from that.Although as an ancient Germanic goddess she was mainly responsible for the weather, she was also a rewarder of good loyal people.From 25 December, she travels for twelve days across the land and observes people their actions.And as in the fairy tale, those who are good and unselfish are rewarded, and evil deeds are punished.Her sisters, Holda and Perchta, hats about domesticity, but Holle is without a doubt the most handsome of the three.Sunshine flows out of her hair, rain falls when she throws away the washing water, and snow swirls down as she shakes her down beds.You find her at (water) wells, there you can see her reflection or hear her echo if you're lucky.

To honor her on this day, go to a well and light a white candle.Visualize her and make a wish when you throw in a piece of money.If you are truly good in soul, she will deliver it for you.


31 December - Feast of the Roman goddess Vesta


On the feast day of Vesta, a fire was lit in ancient times.In public, Vesta was honored in her round temple in Rome.The Vestal virgin Amatae watched over a holy fire there.The women of ancient Rome then brought self-prepared food to the temple on their bare feet.A week later, Amatae closed the temple, cleaned it thoroughly, threw the leftover garbage into the Tiber and reopened the temple.

In the same way, we still honor so much.We are still looking for presents to wait for the day itself until the clock strikes midnight and donates it.We commemorate the past year and wish each other a happy new time in the coming year.We hope for insight and make good intentions.On this winter night, create a cozy atmosphere and invite a few friends.Pamper yourself and each other with homemade delicacies.Unleak the future storms and dare to take a look at what is to come.