Spiritual celebrations in October

The cold and dark time of the year is approaching and soon the dark looks to catch up with the day. When we are lucky, October honors its name and spoils us one last time with golden rays of sunshine and a warm blue sky. This is the time of year for beautiful forest walks. There we dug up the variegated leaf with our boots and find the mushrooms around it. We breathe in the sharp air and leave behind the lively time of the year.

Themes that will concern us in the coming weeks are darkness, loss, letting go, gloom and death. At this time of the year, the veils between our world and the other worlds are thinner than ever. Let us use the dark time to strengthen and not give up our faith in spite of the pain and gloom. Do not give up hope, for know, after rain comes sunshine. Should you doubt that, ask for advice from the great Isis.

Isia - the feast of Isis

From the end of October to the beginning of November, the feasts of Isis took place in ancient Egypt. She, the creative, protective, healing and redeeming mother goddess, knew like no other the intense pain resulting from the loss of her beloved Osiris. But as much grief as she had, so much hope she had when she found him again and brought him back to life.

Once upon a time, as in many religions until today, it was customary to set out small boats at sea, fraught with sacrifices to Isis and wishes of the faithful. We can still perform such a ritual even now, even if we do not live by the sea. There is always a river nearby and they carry our boat and our wishes, all the way to the sea and beyond.

Traditional celebrations and rituals in October

October 1 - Feast of the Roman goddess Fides

Fides is the goddess of trust, reliability and loyalty. in ancient Rome she had her own cult with several temples, one of which stood on the Capitol. On performances it is depicted with a horn of abundance, bowl or basket of fruit. It was believed that without her protection, a good marriage was not possible.

Fides watches over sincerity and integrity, both in relationships and in groups. Entwined hands are her symbol. They made sacrifices to her and performed a sacred ritual to request justice and marital virtue.

13 October - Feast of the Roman goddess Camena

Camena is the goddess of clairvoyance and prophecy. It prefers to be home to springs, rivers and streams. Hairmost famous residence is at the sacred source of the Porta Capena, in front of the gates of Rome. For witches, this party is an important holiday. She will reward generous offerings and honour with a glimpse into the future or even the gift of clairvoyance.

In the evening in honor of Camena, perform a ritual, throwing a self-tied flower wreath into the river. After that, turn three times clockwise and walk away and do not look back!

October 21 - Feast of the Slavic goddess Horsel

Horsel is the moon goddess of the Slavs. Christianity later declared her sacred, after the conquest of the land, and suddenly turned the original moon goddess into a martyr. She became Saint Ursula, whose relics are worshipped mainly in Cologne.

Honor on this evening Horsel in its original form, as moon goddess with silver cards and sandalwood incense. She will thank you and stand by you permanently with her intuition and healing powers.

October 31 - Samhain,great feast of witches and druids

Samhain,Sawwen, next to Beltaine, is one of the most important feasts of the witch year. For them, this is the Silvester party, the New Year's Day of the lunar year. From the old year farewell is said, and the wishes for the New Year are expressed. The witches thank the great powers for their assistance and benevolence, which they were allowed to receive throughout the year. There is an ancient ritual with surviving invocations. Ritual objects are cleaned, ordained and recharged. Young witches are consecrated into the mysteries and initiated by well-felt. The veils between this world and the next one are now wafer-thin. This night is therefore a good opportunity to remember the impermanence of human life and those who died. Christianity also took over this practice with the feast of All Saints the day after Samhain.

In addition, this holiday is also a commemorative for the spirit of Carlin, the Scottish captain of Halloween Night. On this night, the dead in the world of the living penetrate the veils to announce the coming winter. Celebrate Halloween night or Samhain with like-minded people, with mead or mulsum and fraternal sharing of homemade cakes and other sweets. Remember the dead and send souls of those who have passed away into the eternal light of love and happiness.