Spiritual celebrations in September

September is the month of harvest: the summer is coming to an end and the days are noticeably shortening. However, we can also enjoy a late summer and refuel heat for the cold period before us. This is also the time when the rose hips and elder ripen. We will be able to use this in the winter time in the form of syrup or jam. It is also an ideal time to draw up the first annual balance sheet. What have you harvested this year? Have the efforts paid off? Are you satisfied and can sit back without much worries? Or are you just before the finish line and still need a bite?

The Eleusian mysteries

The feasts of this month were marked by loss and divorce. In ancient Greece, in the middle of September, the Eleusian mysteries took place. These were in honor of the Goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone. The festivities remind us of the pain that loss and separation cause us, especially when it comes to a child. However, they also reflect the cycle of nature: the life that retreats until the next spring. Because only then will Persephone visit her mother back on earth. Until then, according to legend, she must stay with her husband Hades, in the underworld. The mysteries lasted several days. The initiations ran from Athens to the sea to cleanse themselves ritually. Each of them also brought a little piglet that was sacrificed to both goddesses. Afterwards, the magistrations were brought to Eleusis, where they fasted for two days. On the last day they were consecrated and received the sacred drink kykeon . In addition, they also participated in secret and symbolic rites to confirm their initiation, with a drink offering as the last joint act.

Traditional celebrations and rituals in September

September 1 - Feast of the Indian goddess Lakshmi

Laksmi is the goddess of earthly happiness. His brings man health, cheerfulness and wealth. She is the consort of the sun god Vishnu. Since the beginning of time Laksmi has floated on a Lotus Flower. This flower is considered to be a phrase of enlightenment throughout Asia (and beyond). Lakmsi is also the ruler of spiritual life.

In honor of her, in good company of friends and girlfriends, perform a ritual in which you ask for enlightenment and clarity on your further spiritual path.

13 September - Feast of the goddess Venus

Venus or Aphrodite is the goddess of love, family, harmony and beauty. The banquet of Venus is a reception of people she loves. On this day we feel the love and tenderness of Venus in particular. And this feeling reproduces afterwards among our fellow human beings.

Large stones in the vicinity of a tall tree are a sanctuary for Venus. Set up an altar in her honor, and sacrifice thereon roses, dried fruits and mussels. She will be grateful to you for this and will gladly support you in your love rituals. This is also a day to pamper your loved one. Are you single? Then ask Venus or Aphrodite during the ritual to send a right partner on your way.