Spring - today I saw celandine and a lemon butterfly at a glance!


March 1 is the start meteorological spring. In order to be able to calculate and compare with all averages around the weather, the seasons for meteorologists start on the first of the month.

But we all learned that spring begins on March 21 (and lasts until June 21). This is determined by the time when the day and night are the same length. After this date, the days become longer and longer. Spring ends at the solstice, the moment of the longest day.

Astrologically, this means that spring does not always begin on March 21, but often also on March 20.

Read on below for more information about the natural spring messengers: celandine and the Lemon Butterfly, which I saw today at a glance!



One of the first plants you see blossom in spring is the common celandine (Fikaria verna). Just like the buttercup family of the ranunculaceae family.

The yellow flowers have eight to 12 petals. When the sun is shining, the flowers open wide, in the gloomy weather they remain closed.

With the bright yellow flowers, celandine stands out well. They stand out against the green leaves, and they often stand in the shade of trees and bushes. The flowers are about 3 cm in diameter. Because in spring the foliage is not yet full above the celandine, they catch the first rays of the sun well, making them bloom early. After flowering, the leaf dies and only the underground tubers remain.


The lemon butterfly is an early spring messenger! As one of the first butterflies, they emerge on the first warmer sunny days.

The lemon butterfly has a wing length of up to 30 mm,

The female is very light green and the male is characteristically bright yellow. The wing tops have a tip, and on the wings there is a darker dot.

The caterpillar is green with black dots, and can reach about 3 and a half centimeters.

The lemon butterfly winters as a butterfly in dense vegetation, such as ivy or grass pollen. Because the wings look like leaves, they hardly stand out until they fly!

The Lemon Butterfly lives a year, making it the longest-living butterfly in our country! In spring they lay eggs on flower buds. The butterfly originates approximately in June or July.