Stay or say goodbye...

Well, a title that definitely gives questions and that's good of course!

For more than 4 years I have been a member of Yoors and from the first moment I felt at home. Halfway through last year I went wrong before and I was hardly present for about half a year..

At the end of November 2020, after a visit by Christel, I came back and got pleasure in reading and writing on Yoors.

I discovered a new hobby through Yoors, namely the décopatching and there will be a new blog about it later today or the next week.

I 'met' old 'Yoors friends again and it felt all right again.

Still something goes wrong again, because I miss the nice feeling that was clearly present a few weeks ago. I have a real Yoors knot in my stomach...

There's been a thing or two on Yoors. Not directly with me, but things I have difficulty with. I am a real HSP'er (high sensative person) and negative or sad things, make me feel that way too. There's nothing I can do about that. It just happens to me.. So don't tell me not to worry about that, I don't have any influence on that.. It overtakes me and is there, sometimes for a long time and sometimes it can also go away very quickly.

I do not want to go into these events any further. That have happened, that has been discussed extensively and written. I do not have the need to explain that, because that also makes it more difficult for me..

Then why write about it now?

I have a lot of doubts and I would like to share that with you. I have a huge doubt about leaving Yoors.... and that actually makes me sad. As long as the doubt is there, I'm definitely still here and I'll really let you know if I decide to leave.

This morning I read again, because I haven't been there much the last week and then it is good to read that you are missed.

That's what makes it so difficult, because I've built up some friendships here.. Friendships I don't want to give up!!!

As I mentioned earlier, I am also looking for an online opportunity to write and share my 18+ stories.. So I want to see if there is a possibility on a blog site to respond to stories and keep in touch with people. No merits like on Yoors, but that's not what I want to do.. I want to feel good on a forum like Yoors and that's not the case right now. In my opinion, the Yoors team doesn't really know what's happening with Yoors right now.. I'm certainly not the only one who doesn't feel quite comfortable here anymore.... but I can and should speak only for myself.

Not only was I absent, because I had a week off and that week was full of fun doing things. The weather was favorable for me and I really enjoyed the free time I had.

We have installed the jacuzzi again and Peter has become a year older last Friday. We have celebrated this over 2 days with a very small group.

Tonight I'm going to relax in that again, because next week I have to go back to work. Although I'm free on Wednesday, but that's my roster free day this week 😉

The weather is not really good now, it blows huge, there is regular snow and it has also mated today. Not really the weather of the past week! I hit it so with my week off!

Also I have been busy puzzling and yesterday evening he was finally ready! It was really a horror puzzle, because he was really very difficult! Never made such a difficult puzzle, but it's beautiful and I'm going to glue it up and hang it in my hobby room.

As I mentioned above, I also created a new décopatch creation, but it follows later or sometime this week in a separate blog. I also share it on my Pinterest and this story is not part of it.

I want to leave it at this for now.. For now I am still here, but I am very doubtful and I think that is really very much....