Summer of 2021

Writing Challenge November 2021

Summerholiday 2021

Baffled, I cycled home. This is the story I had to tell my Nel. Dillingly evade all the loose tiles, I arrived at home gasping. I didn't even take the time to put my bike in the shed. Soon I walked to the back door and shouted, “Nel, are you upstairs?” “Yes.”

“Come down here, I have a very bizarre story to tell you. Gerrit and Gerda are back from vacation.” “Oh, yes, have you seen them?” “Yes, and what they've told me, that's gonna make your ears flap.” He saw Nel walking down the stairs and started telling. Sjaak walked to the door of the living room and kept him very gallantly open. As always. 'G&G had booked a trip to a Greek island. The brochure said that it had not yet been discovered by most tourists. They had a room overlooking the ever-blue bay. They were going to fly so they had to wear a mouthcap.” 'That makes sense, Sjaak. It's for everyone's safety.” With a hand gesture, Sjaak gave a sign that she should keep her mouth shut. The story was so high on him. He wouldn't stop. But Nel was unstoppable. She was in the talk stand, so she started asking. “Was it a pleasant flight?” “Yes, according to Gerda, it was a very pleasant flight. Little turbulence and space enough. After that Corona, they could get chairs out of the aircraft. But few people were still in the mood for flying holiday' 'That's nice. Nice space when you have to fly for four hours. ' “Four and a half hours Nel.” “And how did they go to the complex?” “Just by bus. Also with a lot of space G&G told. '

“Gosh Sjaak, it's a shame you don't make much money, because that seems very good to me.” Sjaak looked the other way, he got a little sad from Nel's sighs. It's never good either. She's not short of anything. Can buy a new dress every now and then. She had to know how badly he was treated by his boss. No, Sjaak, don't memento tell me soon. “Have you seen any pictures? They must have made it with their cell phone, right?” “Well, that's just the bizarre of everything. They arrived at the hotel. They got the keycard from their room and a link. When they arrived in their room, they saw a TV with text. They couldn't leave their room there was in the text.” “Hey, what kind of crazy is that?” “That's what I said. But it turned out to be their own fault. Nel looked at Sjaak curiously. So Sjaak moved on quickly. It turned out that they are antivaxxers. So they were allowed to travel, only they had booked the wrong hotel. They should have chosen an accommodation for antivaxxers. Novelty all, of course. You should know, too. So they had to stay in their room for 14 days. They got food and drinks, they could order that with an app and then it was put on the doorstep. ' “What about the cleaning then Sjaak?” “That was done every day. The staff had special clothing for this and they had to stand or sit on the balcony. ' “And those pictures, how did they take them?” 'It wasn't pictures. The link they got was to a website where a new video was uploaded every day. The film was made with a drone. Oh, and if you want to see the videos, you can because they put it on Facebook.”

Writing Challenge November 2021

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